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WIA Reauthorization State Leadership Updates

One way that the Association of Adult Literacy Professional Developers facilitates the adoption of the AALPD Professional Development Policy Recommendations is to advocate for the issues identified in these recommendations on national, state, and local levels. Reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) provides one opportunity to advocate for these issues on a national level.

By contributing our voice in shaping this important policy initiative, we hope to have more professional development issues acknowledged in legislation and identified as options that states can choose to support with federal funds; thus making it easier for states to adopt the AALPD Policy Recommendations of their choosing.

Listed below are legislative updates that focus on WIA reauthorization as it pertains specifically to state leadership:

AALPD's overarching goal is the adoption of policies that adequately support the participation of adult basic education, adult ESOL, and adult secondary education practitioners (including paraprofessionals and learner leaders who are staff members) in professional development that will help them be effective teachers, tutors, counselors, and administrators.

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